Updated to include March 10, 2003 Changes In Regulations


General Policy


WVHI Radio affords equal employment opportunity in all personnel actions without

regard to race, color, religion, national origin or gender. As a religious broadcaster WVHI has

established religious belief as a job qualification for all of their station employees as permitted by the

Federal Communications Commission. WVHI has adopted this EEO Program that is

designed to assure wide dissemination of information about each full-time job opening throughout the

entire community.


  1. Responsibility For Implementation

WVHI Radio has designated Jim Fraser, General Manager, with the responsibility

for the implementation of the station’s EEO Program.


  1. Policy Implementation

The EEO Program is communicated to the employees and community through a variety

of manners including, but not limited to:


A. Utilizing an employment application form that contains a notice informing

job applicants that discrimination is prohibited. (See Appendix 1)


B. Utilizing an Employee Policy and Procedure Manual that all employees

must read and testify with signed acknowledgement. Manual contains

the station’s EEO Policy. (See Exhibit 2)


C. WVHI has posted in its Break Room the mandatory State and Federal EEO

Employer Postings for employees and applicants to view.


D. Provide information on full-time job openings to a variety of

recruitment sources, upon their request, sufficient to ensure wide

dissemination of information throughout the entire community. (See Appendix 3)


E. Acknowledge receipt of all résumé’s and inquiries for employment

in a letter that states WVHI is an equal opportunity employer. The station will

keep on file all resumes for one year and notify applicants of any job openings for

which they are qualified.


F. WVHI will participate in supplemental initiatives so as to create a general

interest in broadcast employment, rather than recruitment for specific



G. WVHI will comply with the record keeping requirements to insure

compliance with the Commission’s EEO requirements. This includes:

The job title and date of all full-time hires;

The name, address, contact person and telephone number of each

recruitment source used to fill each full-time vacancy (including all

organizations entitled to automatic notification);

Dated copies of all advertisements, bulletins, letters, faxes, emails or

other communications announcing full-time vacancies;

Documentation necessary to demonstrate the performance of

supplemental outreach initiatives, including full disclosure of the nature ####of the activity, the scope of the station’s participation and station personnel involved; and

The total number of interviewees for each full-time vacancy and the

referral source for each interviewee and hiree.


H. WVHI will publish once a year in its monthly newsletter the station’s EEO



  1. Recruitment

WVHI Radio utilizes a variety of techniques to attempt to increase job applicants to

include but

not limited to:


A. Mail, fax or electronically transfer to organizations that assist job seekers who

request information on full-time vacancies. (See Appendix 3)


B. Provide an instructor that will teach a communications class at Evangel High

School to attract potential employees and create a general interest in the

broadcasting industry.


C. Provide internships to students in communications who are attending local area



  1. WVHI will maintain a recruitment file of possible candidates.

E. WVHI will make “on-air” announcements for vacancies and include a statement

that WVHI is an equal opportunity employer.


  1. FCC Reports and Filings

A. WVHI has on file FCC Form 396 describing all pending or resolved EEO complaints

and a narrative statement of the station’s efforts to achieve broad and inclusive outreach

during the previous two years (or since 03/10/03 if less than two years) and a copy of the

two most recent annual EEO public file reports.


B. On the fourth anniversary of our renewal filing, WVHI Radio will submit midterm

reports on FCC Form 397 including our two most recent public file reports and the

name and title of the person responsible for EOO implementation.


5. Complaints

WVHI has not received a single complaint regarding its EEO Program.


  1. Public File

WVHI will comply with the FCC posting requirements. On each anniversary of the date


filing a renewal application, WVHI will place in our local public inspection file (and post


our web site) the following information covering hiring and activities during the



The job title of all full-time hires; The name, address, contact person and telephone numbers of each recruitment source used to fill each vacancy (including each organization entitled to automatic

notification); The recruitment source that referred each full-time hiree

The total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source; and

A list and brief description of each outreach initiative undertaken.

Approved for implementation: ######_________________________________

Jim Fraser, General Manager Word Broadcasting